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    He is always very secretive and protective about his personal life. The new pair were spotted leaving the Casa Tua restaurant together.

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    EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal Kai and Krystal have been together since March 2016.

    Ever since they publicly confirmed their relationship, Kai and Krystal have been considered as one of the power couples in the K-Pop industry.

    The thing about Chunhee is that he doesn't have boundaries at the same places other people do. He's not sure what it means, if he can't find a plausible reason for this. You can practically hear her sweet laugh in the photo, perched on Chunhee's back like they were always meant to be together."Are you jealous? ""He put his glasses away, at least."Daesung remembers Kanggol, and Baekmiri. Maybe a little." Chunhee clasps his hands around drawn-up knees. "The person who gave it to me left a long time ago."Daesung sneaks a glance at his face in profile. Daesung suddenly remembers their questionnaire game from earlier."Wait. ""No." Daesung rips open the packaging and holds it out. Everybody knows about Chunhee's sweet tooth at this point. It's hot.""It's— No." Chunhee scoots back until Hyori's feet are no longer in his lap. ""It's not like that, I told you.""Tell me again." Hyori sits with her arms crossed. "It wouldn't last anyway."The silence between each second seems to get progressively longer. She rolls her eyes at him, but takes his arm as they make their way to their seats. Hyori pulls it off in one take, and the PD seems satisfied despite Chunhee's stiff expression. Hyori shows him the text message just before the curtain rises again. Daesung wrote."I have a meeting after," Hyori says. Chunhee spreads his empty palms with an apologetic laugh.

    He's like Jiyong, if there could be a Jiyong with no lyrical sense. Taeyeon charms the entire cast and crew within an hour of her arrival. But that's probably why they booked Honki for the same week. " Chunhee asks again."That was supposed to be my commercial.""You already did one for them.""Yeah, well." Daesung sticks out his tongue. "Junsu keeps hitting me when he rolls over.""Not enjoying sleeping next to DBSK? His left index finger is bare."You're not wearing your ring," Daesung says without thinking. You said you've never been dumped."Chunhee's smile turns crooked. It still feels good to see him smile around a bite. Unlike you and Kim Jongkook."Hyori ducks her head when she laughs. "Because he's fallen so hard for your useless ass, I'm surprised he can still see straight, and I know you've been taking him out on dates. He picks up a highlighter and marks all the awkward phrasings in his script. He hears Hyori stand up."I hope you know what you're doing," she says, "because I'm sure as hell Daesung doesn't."The words on the page are blurring slightly. "You go."He texts Daesung and waits outside the side stage door. Daesung bounds down the steps, hat sitting crooked on his head and grin stretching ear to ear. "I knew I forgot something.""Guess I'll forgive you this time." Daesung clasps his hands, the gesture easy and familiar. "You're freezing.""Hyori took my gloves." Chunhee lets Daesung turn his hands over, fold them together, pressed between his own for warmth. Seungri got bored last week and colored it while I was napping.

    My friend Benedict from way back in college – the only male in our group of 11 – suddenly called me up after missing in action for about a decade or so.

    Nothing that hooks me to watch the teaser more than once but also no glaring worrisome elements anywhere in sight. Oftentimes, the pressures of work and their busy schedules make the relationship crumble.However, these K-Pop couples have stood the test of time, and their relationships are only growing stronger."Don't beg me for food then.""Music feeds my soul." Jiyong squints at some lyrics Seunghyun had scribbled. Daesung leans over and mimes taking a bite out of his notebook. ""Yours," he lies."I just told you mine.""I'm doing the other one.""You're too young for me." Hyori's eyes are bright with amusement. "It's your call.""We're doing this one together, remember? Three hours into the drive, Jiyong tosses his i Pod aside. "Thirty divided by two plus seven is twenty-two."Daesung scoffs at her. "You should date someone older than you anyway.""Would you date someone older? "Daesung's hand finds his under the armrest separating their seats.

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